• 5 Different Gifts to Include on Your Wedding List

    Nowadays, it is common to first live together, like a test drive, before going up to the altar. A consequence of this modern relationship is that the bride and groom already have their house assembled when they decide to make the union official. With that, classic gifts like cutlery and pots and pans give way to different and more creative gifts, such as honeymoon quotes.

    If that’s the case, you will love the 5 different gifts to include in your wedding list that we made for you! Let’s check it out ?

    5 Different gifts to include on your wedding list

    As I said up there, more and more grooms already have mounted home, emerging an opening for unusual gifts and irreverent in the wedding list . As honeymoon quotas or donations to NGOs. With this in mind, we have five suggestions to include in the list, which you can see below.

    Honeymoon Quotas

    If your dream destination exceeds your budget, honeymoon rates are an elegant way to save money. Personalized websites such as offer a virtual gift list, in which guests can give experiences to the bride and groom, for example, romantic dinner, extreme sports, tours, etc.

    The newlyweds thank you with posts from the photos of the trip, marking who provided the moment.

    Professional decor

    It is the ideal order if the lovebirds have the basic items in the house, but want to win a decoration or landscaping project. It is also a way to start the new phase with a home with their face. You can choose and quote the professional in advance or receive the amount through the gift list and then choose one.

    Works of art

    Orders for artistic pieces are a novelty, especially in the most luxurious weddings. But it is worth emphasizing that it is not a good tone for guests to consider a work of art, as it can cause conflicts between the couple, if only one of the two appreciates it.

    The bride and groom must have common sense when choosing items that do not weigh in the budget of who will give the gift.

    Donations to NGOs

    At the wedding of British royalty, Prince William and Kate Middleton opted for donations to NGOs as gifts and served as inspiration for other couples around the world. It is something simple, elegant, and generous: the bride and groom choose causes that they support and ask for cash contributions to these entities.

    Perhaps the guests have seen recurring donors?

    Good deed

    Following the same footprint of solidarity, an American couple innovated and suggested that guests do a good deed for a stranger and send emails, messages, or post with a personalized hashtag to notify them of the “gift.”

    The goal is for the big day to spread happiness to loved ones and others. Hopefully fashion will get here!

  • Cheap Father’s Day Gift Ideas

    Often, we want to give something creative, and that is from the heart, without running away from the budget. Thinking about it, I decided to create a list with tips for cheap gifts for Father’s Day.

    Cheap Father’s Day Gifts

    In this post, I separated suggestions of cheap gifts according to the style, personalized, and tastes. In the end, I added some gift suggestions for the children to give to dads.

    For gastronomic dads


    If your father or husband loves to eat, you can put together a basket full of the things he likes best. If he is a fan of sweets, for example, it is worth making a basket out of chocolates and his favorite sweets. The important thing is that you make the basket, thinking about it, and so the memory will certainly be special!

    In addition, you can adjust the basket to your budget, as you will assemble it yourself!


    In addition to being a great tour option, it is also a way to present your father or husband on that Father’s Day. Not only is it an inexpensive option, it is super fun and an opportunity to spend some quality family time!

    And there is no mystery: it can be in the garden at home, in a park close to where you live, or even in a place farther from the city. Just assemble a basket with food and drinks, bring a towel so that you can sit and have fun with a delicious picnic!

    Breakfast in bed

    There is nothing more delicious than receiving the surprise of breakfast in bed! Prepare a tasty coffee for your father or husband on Father’s Day, and place a card on the tray with a cute Father’s Day message! I’m sure he will wake up with a huge smile on his face and will love the surprise!

    For dads who cook


    If your father or husband loves to cook and is responsible for the master chef dishes in your home, you can present him with an apron made by you. If you are already familiar with sewing and it is easy, it will be a simple and quick project to do because there is not much mystery.

    But if you don’t get along with sewing machines, you can also buy a white kitchen apron and personalize it with fabric pens and fabric paint too!

    Custom shirt

    All you need to start making this gift is a shirt the size of your dad. You can customize the shirt as you like: you can sew an image you like or that you made, a photo of the two of you, you can paint, write with a pen.

    You can put a phrase from a series or movie he likes, a special message for Father’s Day, or even write “best dad in the world.”

    Personalized mug

    You can customize the cup however you want. Buy a porcelain cup. It can be your father’s favorite color or even white (to have more scope for customization), and write a cute message, or song lyrics from his favorite band.

    When we make personalized gifts, the important thing is that it reflects how much we love the person presented! Don’t worry about professional quality. I’m sure your dad will love you even more if he knows you made the gift yourself!

    Music mix

    If your dad loves listening to music, you can burn a CD for him with songs that remind you of him or his favorite songs. In addition to burning the CD, you can also personalize the cover and make the gift even more special!

  • Creative Gifts for Men

    Who has never had trouble giving gifts to men or buying gifts for husbands? We often end up giving the same gifts, don’t we? But to help you, I have separated a list with some creative gifts for men to be able to present them with different and fun things!

    Beard kit

    For men who are trying to grow a beard, a beard kit can be an excellent gift. You can assemble it yourself with different products, or you can find some ready-made kit.

    A good place to look is at the new barbershops. Many of them nowadays resell known products or manufacture their own products. You may find a perfect kit for those you want to give as a gift!

    Kit for beer tasting

    For men in love with beer, nothing better than a box with some of the best craft beers.

    A cool way to make the gift more creative is to create a theme for your kit. For example: with the Switzerland beers theme, you can fill a box or basket with beers imported from Switzerland of different types and flavors.

    Sound box with lamp

    A more wild gift, but also very cool, is the speaker with a lamp. Nowadays you find several models: simple and small boxes, big boxes with different lights.

    Small drone

    For men who love new technologies, the drone is a great gift option. It is practically an adult toy, and the dream of consumption of many men today.

    Although there are more expensive and complex models, there are also simpler and smaller models, and even with very affordable prices. It is the chance to give a creative, modern, and very current gift.

    Portable coffee maker

    For those who love coffee, this gift is a great dream! The portable coffee maker has emerged with strength, with more and more models available. Is there anything better for those who are passionate about drinking?

    3D printer pen

    Another gift option for men who love new technologies is the 3D printer pen. You find very affordable price options, and it is a gift that can generate several other “gifts”.

    Themed Mug

    A creative, simple, and inexpensive gift for those who want to present men, is the thematic mug. Think of some striking personality trait and choose a mug that matches well. I already made this suggestion here in the post of creative gifts.

    Some mugs mimic camera lenses, LEGO mugs, series mugs, films and bands, and even thermosensitive mugs, which change color or design when you pour a hot drink on them.


    Books are also a great gift when we get to know the person we are gifting better to. A good way to leave this creative idea, is to do the same in the beer kit: choose a theme.

    Is the man you are going to gift an economist? You can put together three good books on finance or the financial market. Does he like science fiction? Search for some new books of the genre to include in your gift.

    Vintage glasses

    A good gift for men who like to worry about what they wear and their style is vintage glasses. It can also be a modern pair of glasses if it matches more with his personality.


  • Creative Gifts For Your Brother

    Your brother’s birthday is coming up, and you have no idea what gift to give him? Not a creative person with gifts and looking for a list that gives you some examples for you to follow? Are you looking for different ideas to show the importance of it in your life? This post is for you! I gathered in this text several cute and affectionate ideas to please this important person.

    Personalized mugs

    Having a personalized mug says a lot about brotherhood. The idea of searching for a phrase that has already marked him, or writing something he always speaks daily, is very cool. In addition, customizing the mugs with photos is also a maximum! Have you ever thought how beautiful it is to have a mug with the most beautiful photo of you?

    Another idea would be to write the name of the profession or the symbol on the mug. It is more professional but for sure he would use it a lot, even more at work.

    Decorative items for fans

    Is your brother a big fan of any movie or series since he was a kid? Or has he recently become a big fan of some band and keeps talking about it? In fact, everyone has been or is a fan of something. And a fan who is or has been a fan knows: nothing better than receiving a decorative gift!

    Board games

    Seriously: who doesn’t have a board game that totally refers to childhood? When I was little, my family got together to play every Sunday, and I could never miss board games. My brother and I spent hours and hours in front of the board concentrated, competing to see who would win the rounds (and a secret: I always won! Lol).

    And other than that, it is much more affectionate to also give a board game as a gift and write on a card the reason why you remember it from that gift. This will certainly generate a good laugh!

    Decorative frames

    Decorative pictures are great ideas to make him manage to give that up in any home or office environment. In addition to being an alternative to putting some pictures of you in the middle, you can use flashy and inspirational phrases! It’s a great idea.

    Bottles of beer or wine

    Does your brother like to drink different beers or wines? It is a great investment, and it is certainly a gift for those who like to drink would be very happy. You can also use your creativity again and make a Beer Kit with the ones he likes best. The Wine Kit can come with some wine accessories too, such as beautiful glasses and different openers. I would love to win this gift!

    Fun pen drive

    A flash drive may not seem like such a creative idea, but it is always necessary! Even more so if your brother works with a lot of information today. In addition, there are several types of flash drives, and many very creative.

    Happiness kit: candies and sweets

    Last but not least, this tip goes to all the siblings who love sweets. How about putting together a basket with all the sweets he loves most? The good thing is that you already know what he likes best, so it’s much more practical!

    Pot with reasons to be happy

    Another very cute idea is these pots with reasons to be happy. In addition to showing that you care, you are also very creative. If you have no idea what to write, I will leave 10 ideas below:

    1. To be happy, you need to conquer your dreams
    2. Don’t settle for doing the obvious
    3. Go after what makes you happy
    4. There is a factory of happiness within you, feed it with your intelligence and live from that joy
    5. We only live once, are you sure you are what you would like to be
    6. May your courage be greater than your fear.
    7. No obstacle is so great if your will to win is greater
    8. ” Fall in love every day, for yourself.”
    9. Miracles happen when we go to fight
    10. Have no fear
  • Gift for Boyfriend: 8 Ideas and Tips to Make the Right Choice!

    There are countless occasions when we will need to choose a gift for a boyfriend , such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, birthday, anniversary – and even the occasional and surprising treats that help make the relationship even more enjoyable.

    However, it’s not always easy to make the right choice, is it? After all, it may be that your boyfriend already has everything, or you are looking for creative and different gifts.

    Gift for boyfriend: selection with the best ideas

    Even after all these tips, is it still hard to think of a boyfriend gift? Okay, we’ve separated some very cool and creative suggestions to surprise those you love!


    There are a number of incredible men’s perfumes – and most men love always to smell good. This is a simple idea and practically without errors, as long as you keep an eye on, choosing a fragrance according to his personality.

    So, put your “detective” side to work and evaluate if the boyfriend prefers citrusy scents, woody, with lighter fragrances etc. This will give you clues as to which options to choose.

    Some good suggestions are:

    • Bulgari Man in Black (with notes of rum and leather);
    • Hugo Boss Bottled (sweetest perfume);
    • Allure Homme Sport, by Chanel (woody fragrance, with spicy, oceanic notes and a citrus touch);
    • Ferrari Black (mixture of notes of apple and vanilla, making it an ideal perfume for everyday life);
    • Armani Code (leather notes, tonka bean and anise);
    • Sauvage, Dior (notes of ambroxan, with a warm, musky bottom and balanced with notes of bergamot and pepper).


    The watches are also great gift ideas for boyfriends, as many men do not give up this attachment. There are different models for men of all personalities.

    If your boyfriend works with social clothes, you can invest in more classic versions, ideal for everyday use. For men sportsmen, there are specific watches that even help in the practice of sports, controlling activities and offering a series of information.

    Some of the most desired men’s watch brands are: Omega, Tag Heuer, Rolex, Officine Panerai, IWC Schaffhausen, Montblanc, Hublot, Jaeger-Lecoultre, Cartier, Longines, Vacheron Constantin, Patek Philippe and Breitling.


    Is your boyfriend a high-tech or geek type? Technological gifts are sure to win you over. And the good news is that there are endless possibilities.

    The ideal is always to think about the personality of your loved one and technological items that facilitate his routine or that are related to his hobbies.

    We are talking about items like: notebook, cell phone, tablet, portable cell phone chargers, gameboy, kindle, photo cameras, smartwatches, wireless headsets and many others!


    There are many men who love books – and if that’s the case with your boyfriend, how about this gift idea? You can think of different alternatives, according to his personality.

    For businessmen or those who like to invest, it is possible to think of ideas such as: The Intelligent Investor, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind or the Richest Man in Babylon.

    But if your boyfriend loves suspense and fictional stories, how about ideas like: The Thing, City of Thieves, The Picture of Dorian Gray.


    Clothes are definitely a difficult gift to make. After all, just look for items close to the style that the boyfriend has in his wardrobe.

    The cool thing is that there are clothing options for every pocket, so this is a much more affordable gift.

    A good T-shirt is a wild gift, you can also think of more creative ideas, with phrases and drawings in the style of the beloved. Or even go for shorts, dress shirts, outerwear, among others.


    Sunglasses are amazing accessories – and just about everyone loves to get them. So it is a gift for a boyfriend in great demand.

    It is not an impossible mission to find cool sunglasses, since there are varied models and some very traditional ones, which match practically all styles.

    If you are in doubt about the model, prefer the most basic ones like the aviator or the wayfarer, which please most men.

    Sneakers or casual shoes

    Sneakers, or other casual shoes are more suitable for couples with intimacy, because it is not always easy to get this gift right.

    In addition to the size, you should also define the style that your boyfriend likes the most, as there are several options.

    Among casual shoes, good ideas are boots and boots, like Timberland models. But you can also invest in sneakers (for sports lovers), sneakers, dress shoes and even soccer shoes.

    Leather jacket

    The leather jacket is an excellent gift idea for a boyfriend, as it is very versatile and works with different personalities.

    If your boyfriend loves riding a motorcycle , for example, he will surely love this gift.

    There are also less sporty models, ideal for composing looks for the night. This idea works well because most men don’t have so many options for jackets and winter clothing, so the jacket will surely become a darling of his.