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Valentine’s Day: See 5 suggestions for tech gifts

Valentine’s Day is coming next month and there is no better opportunity to show all your love and affection for your loved one than on that date. If your boyfriend is a geek / nerd and you have no idea what to buy as a gift, don’t worry. We have created a list of tech gifts for you to surprise your better half.

We are careful not to include suggestions above R $ 1,500 (products are listed in ascending order of prices). So, our gift tips can fit in any pocket. Check now a list of suggestions to please even the most nerdy of boyfriends or girlfriends.

1. Headset

If your boyfriend or girlfriend can’t live without music, giving them a quality headset will appeal too. Therefore, we recommend the model SHL3060WT / 00, by Philips. In addition to a powerful and dynamic sound, it has soft cushions that provide comfort even on the move.

The cable measures 1.2 meters and the head protection is adjustable. In addition, the accessory is fully foldable, which facilitates transport. The model is sold in white, black, blue, red and purple.

2. Running cap with wireless earphone

Do the couple like to run or walk together? So, how about this cap suitable for practice? It comes with an integrated bluetooth headset. Thus, you can do your physical activities and listen to your music without worrying about the wires attached to your body. In addition, the pair can share the same song, since the audio is transmitted via bluetooth.

3. ASUS ZenPower 10050 mAh

Very few things today are as desperate as running out of battery in your cell phone and away from an outlet. So, an excellent choice is the portable charger from Asus, called ZenPower, with 10,050 mAh capacity.

The power bank can give you 3 or 4 recharges on your smartphone, in addition to being portable and fits anywhere, in your purse or backpack, without disturbing anything. The device ends with the excuse that it did not see its messages because it ran out of battery.

4) Storage DNS-320L

The D-Link DNS-320L storage device allows you to store, load, save and access files in one place and wherever you are. The device also promises to be a music and video player, through its own private network. All content, according to the manufacturer, can be made available to any connected gadget, such as computers, tablets, smartphones, notebooks, video games or Smart TVs.

Accessing and sharing files is done using the mydlink portal and the mydlink Access-NAS app for iPad, iPhone and other Android tablets and smartphones, both are free.

5) Chromecast 2

If you are a couple who love watching movies and series together, a Chromecast 2 is essential for you. The dongle turns any TV into a Smart TV. And even those models that are already Smart TV gain more functionality with a Chromecast.

With them, you will be able to watch Netflix, YouTube videos, listen to music, mirror your phone screen, view photos directly on your TV screen and much more. Without a doubt, it will be an excellent gift for both.