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Cheap Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Often, we want to give something creative, and that is from the heart, without running away from the budget. Thinking about it, I decided to create a list with tips for cheap gifts for Father’s Day.

Cheap Father’s Day Gifts

In this post, I separated suggestions of cheap gifts according to the style, personalized, and tastes. In the end, I added some gift suggestions for the children to give to dads.

For gastronomic dads


If your father or husband loves to eat, you can put together a basket full of the things he likes best. If he is a fan of sweets, for example, it is worth making a basket out of chocolates and his favorite sweets. The important thing is that you make the basket, thinking about it, and so the memory will certainly be special!

In addition, you can adjust the basket to your budget, as you will assemble it yourself!


In addition to being a great tour option, it is also a way to present your father or husband on that Father’s Day. Not only is it an inexpensive option, it is super fun and an opportunity to spend some quality family time!

And there is no mystery: it can be in the garden at home, in a park close to where you live, or even in a place farther from the city. Just assemble a basket with food and drinks, bring a towel so that you can sit and have fun with a delicious picnic!

Breakfast in bed

There is nothing more delicious than receiving the surprise of breakfast in bed! Prepare a tasty coffee for your father or husband on Father’s Day, and place a card on the tray with a cute Father’s Day message! I’m sure he will wake up with a huge smile on his face and will love the surprise!

For dads who cook


If your father or husband loves to cook and is responsible for the master chef dishes in your home, you can present him with an apron made by you. If you are already familiar with sewing and it is easy, it will be a simple and quick project to do because there is not much mystery.

But if you don’t get along with sewing machines, you can also buy a white kitchen apron and personalize it with fabric pens and fabric paint too!

Custom shirt

All you need to start making this gift is a shirt the size of your dad. You can customize the shirt as you like: you can sew an image you like or that you made, a photo of the two of you, you can paint, write with a pen.

You can put a phrase from a series or movie he likes, a special message for Father’s Day, or even write “best dad in the world.”

Personalized mug

You can customize the cup however you want. Buy a porcelain cup. It can be your father’s favorite color or even white (to have more scope for customization), and write a cute message, or song lyrics from his favorite band.

When we make personalized gifts, the important thing is that it reflects how much we love the person presented! Don’t worry about professional quality. I’m sure your dad will love you even more if he knows you made the gift yourself!

Music mix

If your dad loves listening to music, you can burn a CD for him with songs that remind you of him or his favorite songs. In addition to burning the CD, you can also personalize the cover and make the gift even more special!

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