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Creative Gifts for Men

Who has never had trouble giving gifts to men or buying gifts for husbands? We often end up giving the same gifts, don’t we? But to help you, I have separated a list with some creative gifts for men to be able to present them with different and fun things!

Beard kit

For men who are trying to grow a beard, a beard kit can be an excellent gift. You can assemble it yourself with different products, or you can find some ready-made kit.

A good place to look is at the new barbershops. Many of them nowadays resell known products or manufacture their own products. You may find a perfect kit for those you want to give as a gift!

Kit for beer tasting

For men in love with beer, nothing better than a box with some of the best craft beers.

A cool way to make the gift more creative is to create a theme for your kit. For example: with the Switzerland beers theme, you can fill a box or basket with beers imported from Switzerland of different types and flavors.

Sound box with lamp

A more wild gift, but also very cool, is the speaker with a lamp. Nowadays you find several models: simple and small boxes, big boxes with different lights.

Small drone

For men who love new technologies, the drone is a great gift option. It is practically an adult toy, and the dream of consumption of many men today.

Although there are more expensive and complex models, there are also simpler and smaller models, and even with very affordable prices. It is the chance to give a creative, modern, and very current gift.

Portable coffee maker

For those who love coffee, this gift is a great dream! The portable coffee maker has emerged with strength, with more and more models available. Is there anything better for those who are passionate about drinking?

3D printer pen

Another gift option for men who love new technologies is the 3D printer pen. You find very affordable price options, and it is a gift that can generate several other “gifts”.

Themed Mug

A creative, simple, and inexpensive gift for those who want to present men, is the thematic mug. Think of some striking personality trait and choose a mug that matches well. I already made this suggestion here in the post of creative gifts.

Some mugs mimic camera lenses, LEGO mugs, series mugs, films and bands, and even thermosensitive mugs, which change color or design when you pour a hot drink on them.


Books are also a great gift when we get to know the person we are gifting better to. A good way to leave this creative idea, is to do the same in the beer kit: choose a theme.

Is the man you are going to gift an economist? You can put together three good books on finance or the financial market. Does he like science fiction? Search for some new books of the genre to include in your gift.

Vintage glasses

A good gift for men who like to worry about what they wear and their style is vintage glasses. It can also be a modern pair of glasses if it matches more with his personality.


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