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How to reduce data usage in Chrome?

With the passage of time and as we use the web browser more and more, we notice that in the short or long term the browser becomes somewhat slow, that is, it no longer responds as quickly as it used to perform when we had just installed it in our computer.

This is due to several factors, such as cache memory, bulky bookmarks, search history and others, but it is also directly related to the add-ons that we have downloaded and installed, for example in the case of extensions for Chrome.

It is very true that when we use the Google browser, in most cases the plugins and extensions available for Chrome allow us to access a notable improvement in our experience in using the browser, so we are always adding add-ons that they offer us a variety of additional features, with which we can do much more with the browser.

However, we have to bear in mind that every time we add a new extension to Chrome, we decrease the performance of the browser, since ultimately the more features are added, the more load we generate for the browser to work. Therefore, it is not surprising that Chrome becomes somewhat slow.

Well, fortunately today we can remedy this situation thanks to a new official Google plugin for Chrome, which basically allows us to save on the processes frequently carried out by the browser and the extensions that we have installed, with which we can reduce almost by 50 percent data usage in Chrome.

Step by step reduce data usage in Chrome

Step 1: The first thing we will do is run the Chrome browser, and then click on the menu icon, which is located in the upper right corner of the window, and once there we click on “More tools”, and then on “Extensions”.

Step 2: Once we are in extensions we look for the add-on called “Data Saver”, which we can find at this link .

Step 3: Now we just have to click on the “Add to Chrome” button, and then in the box that appears we confirm the installation of the plugin.

Step 4: We will see that a new blue icon has been added to the toolbar, in the area dedicated to access to extensions. We click on it to be able to check the amount of data we are using, as well as to disable it whenever we want.

In this way, this new extension will automatically allow us to reduce the use of data in the browser by 50 percent, so at the same time we will be obtaining better performance from Chrome.

It is important to mention that although the plugin is currently in the development stage, that is to say that the version is beta, the truth is that in a short time we will be able to take advantage of the definitive and complete complement, with greater functionalities.

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