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How to Keep Your Gift Secret?

Gift Secret

There is no greater frustration than trying to keep a secret and fail. But even worse, is to buy a gift for someone on the sly and be discovered. Therefore, we will help you, who want to give that special person a gift, to hide your memory. But first, how about finding out why we keep it a secret?

Why Do We Keep Secret?

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Confiding a secret to someone or keeping a secret received is always a very difficult and complex act. After all, we are dealing with feelings, which makes the weight of our actions much greater. And, according to experts, regardless of the importance of the subject matter, secrets were made to be respected.

One of the biggest motivations when keeping or revealing a secret is the feeling of having inside information. Knowing how to respect the desire to keep something confidential is a matter of cultural values. We need to be better trained to understand the great importance of a secret. In everyday life, few people are able to see this.

And of course, the supposed fact of having inside information gives people “power”. Therefore, keeping or revealing secrets has everything to do with the objective that we want to exercise with this “power”.

How to Keep Your Own Secret?

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The first step in keeping your own secret, as is the case with a gift, is to decide the duration of that secret. If it is brief, try to be distracted by other activities (such as work and leisure). In the case of longer secrets, everything will depend on your psychology.

As everything we keep ONLY with us can be harmful, seek a compromise that does not harm your secret but at the same time does not denigrate your mind.

An alternative is to tell a psychologist, for example, or someone of extreme confidence that does not “get in the way” of keeping your secret.

In case you need to tell this lasting secret to a “trustworthy” person, check out some facts:

  • Reflect on previous experiences with that person;
  • Define rules about secrecy, such as making it conditional that it does not pass on;
  • To know that from then on, you may be disappointed with the eventual failure to keep the secret on the part of the “person of trust”.

How to Reveal a Secret?

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As we said above, the disclosure of a secret is always a “complicated” or special moment, whether positive or negative, spontaneous or necessary. There are some “tactics” to lighten the situation, check it out:

  • In the case of positive secrets, such as that special gift you bought for your partner, you can take the time for delivery anxiety by preparing a legal way to deliver it (as at a dinner, for example);
  • In the case of negative secrets, choose a quiet place where you are alone with the person.