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Where to store wedding gifts when the apartment is not ready yet?

Often one of the biggest challenges a couple faces before marriage is the apartment. Getting everything ready in the new home is an important step, but it requires work and effort, and it does not always depend only on us. So today I brought a tip for newlyweds who have already asked or are asking themselves: where to store wedding gifts when the apartment is not ready yet?

If this is your case, know that you are not alone: ​​this happens to many other couples. And most importantly, I have an amazing tip for you! Interested? Just keep following the article to check it out.

Where to store wedding gifts when the apartment is not ready yet?

The wedding is one of the most important events in the life of the bride and groom. They start planning months or even years before the day of the event. You have to decide the date, the guest list, the services, the dress, the gift list, etc. When they think everything is ready and solved for the big day, an unexpected thing happens: the apartment’s delivery date is late.

The newlyweds have already received many gifts and have nowhere to leave so much, as they expected to leave everything in the new apartment. To avoid headaches, a great alternative for cases like this is self storage.

What is self storage?

Self storage is a place to rent private boxes temporarily. You can store whatever you want inside the box: furniture, objects, clothes, documents and, of course, wedding gifts.

Access is restricted to the customer, i.e., only the person who rented the box has the key to access their things when it is convenient, within the company’s opening hours. Thus, as the wedding gifts arrive, the bride and groom can take them little by little to the box.

There is no reason to worry about leaving valuables, such as appliances or layettes. These locations are considered very safe, as they are strategically located and have full-time monitoring cameras. Many of them also have indoor parking, further guaranteeing security.

The box is organized by the person who rented it. Thus, the customer decides what is on the floor, what can be placed on top, what can break and deserves more care, etc.

What is the best way to store gifts?

It is important to wrap with bubble wrap for small, medium, and fragile objects, easily breaking or scratching. It is very common to win fragile wedding gift presents: crockery, ornaments, mirrors, etc. Bubble wrap is resistant and helps to protect objects when moving.

Self storage is a great place to store furniture because it receives frequent maintenance, that is, it is clean and free from threats, such as termites, rodents, and other animals that can damage objects. The box also protects the furniture from the sun and moisture, factors that also degrade the furniture, especially if they are made of wood.

For small gifts, such as jewelry and small decorative items, the best option is to keep in boxes. If possible, put name tags. So there is no risk of these small objects being lost among the others present.

The wedding dress may not be part of the gifts, but its symbolic value is usually very high. It is one of the most appreciated and important pieces on the wedding day, but that does not mean that it should be left in a drawer after that.


The best way to store the dress is to wrap it in plastic and hang it on a hanger. This will protect it from dust, and it will be free of wrinkles.

With all these tips, the long-awaited day will be better spent, and the bride and groom will be at ease knowing that their newest belongings are stored in a safe and organized way.

I hope you enjoyed checking out this tip on where to store wedding gifts when the apartment is not ready yet.


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